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Landscaping Installation

Landscaping Installation Contractors Pittsburgh

Decterra, Inc. has been providing Landscape Design, Install and Maintenance Solutions for the Greater Pittsburgh area. Our landscape designers have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry providing eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing landscape and hardscape designs to residents over the metro Pittsburgh areas.

As a full service, premier, Pittsburgh landscaping company we strive to add value to your home while helping you save time and money each month on watering and maintenance costs. Decterra, Inc is committed to providing superior customer service, dependability and attention to detail for all of our clients in all areas. We strive to build long term relationships with our customers and to design and install a landscape that is sustainable with a minimum amount of time and investment. Our Maintenance Division can maintain the property for you after the Landscape Design package is installed, giving you, even more, leisure time to enjoy your Outdoor Living Spaces

All the employees in our Landscaping Install Department receive special and continuous training on proper planting techniques for different types of plants and trees, spacing requirements, and watering needs to ensure strong, well-rooted, thriving plants or sod for your landscape. We purchase all our plant material and sod from local growers, most of whom we have done business with for many years. That means all plants and trees are handpicked and come directly from the nursery or field to your property for same-day installation.

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