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Excavation & Site Work

Excavation & Site Work Contractors Pittsburgh

1. Excavation work
Following the lines and grades provided by the wall, design drawing is critical. Proper machines, equipment, and tools should be used to excavate on the edges carefully. Focus on reaching the firm undisturbed soil for a strong foundation.
All the necessary measurements are taken to avoid environmental disruptions due to excessive excavation.

2. Compaction of foundation soil.
The foundation soil is compacted to 95 percent of a standard protractor. The site engineer should ensure that the ground meets design requirements as specified in the floor plans.

3. Construction of the concrete wall base.
You should place the base building materials according to the site drawing. Ensure the content is of low permeability granular material. Observe the adequate depth when installing and burying the foundation.

4. Pour Footers
Pouring the right footers and concrete slabs to accommodate the concrete block construction. The weight is significant and must be properly distributed.

5. Placement of concrete block.
When placing the block units, we must ensure they are following the design. Ensure that the horizontal and the vertical mortar joint thickness is less than 10mm. We may include reinforcement steel or conduit as needed for the design.

Make sure the first layer lies entirely on the foundation blocks. Use enough mortar for the solid wall. You should lay blocks layer after layer to the right height as specified in the floor plans.

6. If it is a decorative retaining wall, we can apply other finishes to achieve the appropriate look for your metro Pittsburgh, PA neighborhood.

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